Avocado Butter

Avocado Butter

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Avocados (Persea gratissima, Persea americana) are often treated as vegetables, but they are the fruit of a subtropical tree, native to Mexico and South America.

Avocado butter is produced from the rich flesh of the fruit, which is very nutritious and full of unsaturated oil.

Since it melts with ease, it is effective for skin and hair care products.


Skin Benefits Of Avocado

Hydrates and lightens skin tone – Avocado hydrates dry skin and reduces fine lines on the skin. It also offers instant radiance to the skin.

Reduces Wrinkles – This fruit protects the skin from toxins, which cause premature ageing on the skin.

Sunscreen – It helps in protecting your skin from the UVA and UVB harmful rays of the sun. It is also a remedy for removing sun burns and eczema from the skin.

Antioxidants – Avocado contains antioxidants, which help in protecting your skin from damage.

Cleansing – Avocado removes dead skin cells effectively from the skin. It deeply penetrates into the skin to restore the nutrients while helping in increasing blood circulation in the skin

Nourishes Skin – Avocado oil is easily absorbable and thus penetrates deep into your skin, leaving it well-cleansed, nourished and baby-soft.

Hair Care – The oil gets easily absorbed in the hair, so it suits best for dry hair. This fruit makes the hair shiny and beautiful.

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