Essential Oils can do Harm when Used Inappropriately

Essential Oils can do Harm when Used Inappropriately

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Using essential oils in full strength is called ‘neat’. When neat oil is applied directly to skin, it is impossible to guarantee safety.

The concentration of ingredients is simply too high, leading to allergy or even toxicity!

It is recommended not to formulate products containing essential oils with more than 2% concentration.


Making skin more vulnerable to UV rays

Natural oils contain compounds called furocoumarins are photosensitizers which increase skin’s sensitivity to UV rays.

You will get sunburn more easily especially from the cancer-causing UVA rays.


Phytophoto Burns

Certain plant compounds can react with UV rays and causes rash on skin that looks like a burn.

The redness and burning sensation start in few hours after UV exposure and deteriorate.

This is a phototoxic reaction. Once it starts, it is too late to stop it.



Higher concentration exposure to skin will always increase the likeliness to incite allergic response.

Allergy is when your immune system reacts against something and it will be carried on for life.

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