Lime (Essential Oil)

Lime (Essential Oil)

Sailors and explorers never set sail without crates of lime on board, as its vitamin C- loaded juice served as one of the most potent remedies for scurvy and other skin problems. Using lime oil is an alternative way to reap its benefits.


Uses and Benefits

There are multiple ways to use lime oil depends on your need. Such as:

Aromatherapy – Lime oil is used to relieve stress, exhaustion, and anxiety, or calm your mind

Treatment for rheumatism and arthritis – Lime oil can be added into carrier oil and used as massage oil

Treat bleeding cuts and wounds – Lime oil helps to prevent infection and stop bleeding

For skin problem such as acne – Mixing two drops of lime oil with 15 drops of jojoba oil and apply onto your skin. This helps wash out impurities while promoting the growth of new skin cells

Avoid dandruff and to treat dull, frizzy, or oily hair – Adding lime oil into shampoo can help remove oil quickly while moisturizing your scalp from within

Remove grease spots and sticker residue

Prevent fruits from turning brown

Repel insect, such as mosquitoes and ants


Safety Information

Cold pressed Lime Essential Oil is photo-toxic. Steam distilled Lime Oil is not photo-toxic.



Ayurvedic Oils August 6, 2013

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