Build your COMPLETE Skincare Routine

Build your COMPLETE Skincare Routine

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The main objective of your skincare routine is to keep your skin healthy, and eventually fix your skin problems.

Therefore you have to use products that specifically fit your skin type.

The point is to understand your needs and your choices so that you are the one in control of your skin’s health, not advertisers!


Below are the science-based information on 4 important steps which make a skincare routine complete:



Clean skin will maximize its ability to absorb product actives.

Apply cleansers or soaps to skin and then rinse it off completely is the best way to remove oil, dirt, debris and old product.

A second cleaning step with toner can further remove stubborn oil and debris.



Apply products that help to correct skin problems.



Different parts of your body need different degree of hydration.

Take action to add water into your skin and lock it within your skin!



Protect your skin against UV rays.

When this sun is up, all exposed skin needs broad spectrum SPF30 or higher sunscreen.


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